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Management Accounts Template

management accounts graph from templateAre you struggling to have an overview of your business? Do you feel that you have limited knowledge of your expenditure? Do you rely on your year end accounts to tell you how the business is performing?

Simply Spreadsheets has developed a management accounts template that can help companies plan their business on an going basis rather than waiting for that dreaded meeting with their accountant or bank manager.

The management accounts template has the following features:-

  • Enables monthly tracking of incomings and outgoings

  • Allows companies to see how much they spend on specific activities such as marketing or admin on a monthly basis

  • Shows information in both tabular and graphical format

  • Tracks invoice payments so you can see when invoices are unpaid

  • See the monthly opening and closing cash position for each month


Overview of the management accounting template

Front Sheet

This is the “front page” of the workbook. It is only used when the tool is set up for the first time.

Outgoings Sheet

In this sheet you type in the following information – for each outgoing:-

  • The date the money left your bank
  • The type of expenditure – these are selected from the drop downs. By clicking in the box, you will see a list of all the possible categories – if you want to add more categories then this can be done via the categories tab.
  • Description – enter some text giving more information about the expense
  • Amount – the amount of the expense

Type the information only in the pink cells. The information in the blue cells is an example.

Invoice details

This tab stores all the information relating to invoices raised and received. For each invoice that is raised the following information is required :-

  • Invoice No. – the number on the invoice
  • Client Name – the name of the client that has been invoiced
  • Invoice Description – a description of the invoice
  • Invoice Amount – the gross amount of the invoice including any sales tax
  • Date Raised – the date that the invoice was raised
  • Date paid – the date that the invoice was paid

Again use the pink cells, the blue cells are an example


This shows your monthly incomings and outgoings for each month – by category. The sheet is protected so the formulae cannot be overwritten.

Cashflow graph

This graph shows the closing cashflow position at the end of each month.

Expense Analysis

This tab shows a pie chart showing the breakdown of all the expenses incurred.

Three management accounts templates to choose from:

Three management accounts templates to choose from

Setting up the management accounts template for the first time

When the management accounts template is set up for the first time, then the following information needs to be inserted on the front page :-

  • In cell G10 the date from which you want the analysis to start

  • In cell G8 the opening bank balance on this date

To use the tool on an ongoing basis, the tabs “outgoings” and “Invoice details” need to be kept up to date with your items of expenditure and income. The effect of these changes is shown in the following tabs :-

  • Cashflow

  • Cashflow graph

  • Expense Analysis



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Please choose the management accounts template to download.
£1 Standard - management accounts template without graphs
£2 Professional - management accounts template with select graphs
£5 Premium - management accounts template with full suite of graphs


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